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IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is an essential English language proficiency test. In order to enroll oneself in a college or university abroad, one has to appear for this test. It is recognized by numerous international benchmarks to evaluate the reading, writing, listening, and speaking proficiency in English. Concordia Overseas is the best-known institute in Delhi for IELTS training also if you are located in Noida you can connect to your other branch IELTS Coaching in Noida near Sector 15.

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Best IELTS Online Coaching Classes Delhi

With the advancement in technology and changing lifestyles, the preferences of the candidates are also changing. We are now providing online classes. The IELTS online training course not only provides you with the right materials and training but also gives you an opportunity to learn and grow. 

online ielts coaching classes in delhi

Our experienced and certified mentors, time-tested techniques, and first-class material ensure that you not only prepare for the test but also gain mastery of the English language.

IELTS Coaching Institute in Laxmi Nagar Delhi, Concordia Overseas Education is the most popular choice for cracking the IELTS Exam with 8+ Bands. 

Are you preparing for the IELTS Exam? Are you looking for the best IELTS Coaching Center in Laxmi Nagar Delhi? If yes, then make your visit to the CONCORDIA OVERSEAS and start your free IELTS demo classes delhi. The teachers and other institute staff are professionally skilled to right guide students and encourage them to amplify their learning power.

ielts coaching in delhi
IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to access the language the ability of candidates who need to study or work in countries where English is used as the language of communication. It covers the four basic language skills-Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
IELTS has two modules-General Training and Academic. The General Training module is usually taken by people who want to immigrate, and the Academic module is taken by people who want to study abroad.


Our qualified trainers help you with IELTS training at our institute where we have a professional atmosphere to develop and enhance the performance of the students. We also take weekly mock tests where we assess the students and work on their shortcomings with our quality IELTS Coaching.

Why Choose Concordia Overseas IELTS Coaching in Delhi?

Concordia Overseas Education, Preet Vihar New Delhi pioneers in providing the best ielts coaching centre in Delhi and test preparation to its clients across Delhi. We have British Council trained and excellent staff who has got over the years of IELTS teaching experience and our students have scored up to 9 bands in Listening, up to 8.0 bands in writing, up to 8.5 bands in Speaking, and up to 8.5 bands in reading modules.

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There are many of our Immigration students who have scored more than 7 bands in all the four bands to qualify for Australia immigration and many clients have got the perfect 16 points for immigration to Canada. We would like to invite you for a FREE Demo class for IELTS 0nline coaching to know more about the quality of our coaching provided to our students.

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    Unlimited Library Access- Well Equipped Library with Best Publications available in the market.
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    Flexible Class Scheduling.
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    Reading Comprehension with better fluency and confidence.
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    Improve your listening skills with our expert opinion.
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    Get better Speaking and Writing abilities with our guidance and years of experience.
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    Series of Mock Test to Evaluate Performance.
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    Special Time Bound Practice Tests and Quizzes.
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    Personalized Attention to Each Student.
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    Professional Assistance in Registration for Examination.
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    Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions.
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    Diverse Study Material & Complementary Text Books and CDs.

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    IELTS Test Structure
    Sections Score No of questions Section Time
    Listening 0-9 Bands 4 Sections 40 minutes(30 minutes to listen to a tape
    and to answer questions on what you
    hear,and 10 mins to transfer your answers
    to answer sheet.)
    Reading 0-9 Bands 3 Sections 40 Items 1 hour(Your task is to read passages of
    text and answer questions according to
    what you have read.There are also other
    types of assignments.)
    Writing 0-9 Bands 2 Tasks 1 hour(20 mins to write a letter or a chart
    and 40 mins to write an essay.)
    Speaking 0-9 Bands 3 Sections 11 to 14 mins(3 parts:Personal
    Interview,Brief Speech and Discussion
    Total 0-9 Bands   2 hours and 55 mins.
    Classroom Course
    One on one classes
    Weekend classes
    Online Classes

    • Classroom Session(Duration 45 hours.)
    • 6 weeks program-7.5 hours per week.
    • Pract Refresher course: Recommended for with strong basics who would like a shorter course.
    • Classroom session(Duration 14 hours.)
    • 7 Classes for 2 hours each.).

    Recommended for all students who need personal attention and flexible hours. Students with weak basics will benefit the most.

    • 22 hours(11 classes)
    • 4 full length simulated IELTS diagnostic tests.

    1- Classroom session(42 hours).

    2- 6 weeks program-3.5hours per day twice a week.

    Online Classes-For details contact us on”+91-9999664292/ 8810616825

    Unlimited support,till you succeed.

    What Our Students Say

    • Hi, I am Jasmeen Kaur, as I want to share my feedback about Concordia overseas. I had joined Concordia overseas for my IELTS preparation. My trainer is mr Vijay Singh Maan and he is an awesome trainer over here. thanks to them for providing me the best training for my IELTS.
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      Jasmeen Kaur
    • Hello,I am Rupali Singh as I want to share feedback about Concordia Overseas. When I came here for the enquiry I had already visited many institutes still I was not having any clarity on IELTS. I was counseled very well about IELTS here. My trainer in Concordia is Ms Ranjana and she is a awesome trainer. They conduct a mock test every Sunday. I am kind of very satisfied with Concordia services. Thanks, Team Concordia.
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      Rupali Singh
    • I had joined Concordia Overseas for IELTS preparation -6 days My faculty conducted the classes and provided great insights for the preparation. Concordia made us familiar with the actual test format which helped me gain confidence on the test day. The study material is comprehensive. The classes were very helpful and helped me score 8 in IELTS. Wonderful experience very professional people. Best coaching center in Delhi for IELTS.

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    • Concordia overseas is the best coaching center in Delhi for school examinations. They help you plan your time table and manage studies with the school. The study plan, the knowledge depth of the teachers, study material, flexible timings, way of teaching, and communicating are over imagination. The only thing bad about the institute is that they charge a very high amount of fees which every student can not afford. If students revise and understand every topic then surely they can achieve a high score in every exam.

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      Shivangi Singh
    • I couldn`t think of any institute where teachers plan according to the strength and weaknesses of their students. But then I came to know about Concordia Overseas and was dumbstruck to see the working strategy here. Proper attention was given to each and every student here and the plan and courses are so comprehensive that it works for almost everybody. Hats off.

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    • Awesome institute, I took training from Concordia Overseas for IELTS, Scored 7.5 bands. Thanks, Team Concordian.

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      Sidakjeev Singh


    It is very important to select the right IELTS Training Institute for your preparation. Joining the appropriate center increases your chance to perform well and score high in your IELTS examination. There are many institutes offering IELTS coaching but all of them may not be the right choice to join. One has to search well before selecting the institute and Concordia IELTS Coaching in Preet Vihar – IELTS Training Course in Delhi, is the right place for your IELTS training because we at are equipped with what you are looking for in an IELTS Training Institute.


    According to the information of the IELTS organization, IELTS examination takers from the top 40 countries scored on an average of 6 bands but most universities and colleges want band 7 or above and most immigration authorities want band 6.5 and above. Success depends on the way you solve the tasks, the way you write papers, and time management. People who know the right path they get a good score in their IELTS examination. If your goal is to score high in your IELTS examination you will need a fine level of English language skills, which is the basic foundation for the IELTS examination. Above all, you can get a good score by polishing your reading, writing, listening as well as speaking. But behind this, you should be familiar with the test format, flow, and IELTS examination modules. In conclusion there no secret for success in IELTS; it depends on the way of completing tasks and sincere preparation before the IELTS examination.


    IELTS General and Academic Practices in IELTS Listening Section

    In the IELTS listening module, you are made to face four sections with a total of 40 questions, which assess your understanding of main ideas and specific information, recognizing opinions, etc. Each correct answer receives 1 mark and the total score converted to the standard IELTS 9-band scale.

    IELTS General and Academic Practices in IELTS Reading Section

    The IELTS reading section, with a total of 40 questions divided into three categories. As the name suggests, the module tests your reading and interference skills. Similar to the listening section, each correct answer receives 1 mark, with the total converted to the IELTS 9-band scale.

    IELTS General and Academic Practices in IELTS Writing Section

    The IELTS Writing section has two parts, including essay writing. Candidates are assessed on the performance in both tasks and scored according to task achievement, coherence and cohesion, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy.

    IELTS General and Academic Practices in IELTS Speaking Section

    The last module, lasting 11-14 minutes, is a face-to-face oral interview with an examiner. The candidate is passed through three stages, introduction and interview, individual long turn and a two-way discussion with the examiner.

    How often can I take the IELTS test?

    Candidates may re-sit for IELTS at any time. There is no restriction and they can repeat the test whenever they wish until they get the desired score on the IELTS Exam. Our comprehensive IELTS Training courses ensures that every student is fully prepared to crack the IELTS exam and clears it in the first attempt

    How and when will I get my IELTS results?

    The results are usually declared in 13-15 days after the test date. Results are first published on the IELTS website followed by the mark sheet being sent via mail.

    What if I am unable to attend the IELTS test?

    If a candidate is unable to attend the IELTS test then the candidate is deemed an absentee and no refund is applicable in such an event. However, if there is any unavoidable reason due to which the candidate fails to appear in the IELTS exam then the application may be considered with some conditions. In such a scenario the fee is refundable but again acceptance of your application is subject to approval by the IELTS test center, who will make the final and binding decision.

    What is the age limit for the IELTS test?

    Only candidate above the age of 16 years can appear for the IELTS Test.

    How long is an IELTS score valid?

    The IELTS score is valid for two years, after which the student is required to give the IELTS test again.

    What are the necessary things required to carry on the day of the IELTS test?

    Candidates must carry their passport, hall ticket, and relevant stationery for the test modules. In case you have registered online, then do not forget to carry a recent and color passport-sized photograph.


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